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Words and pictures are tools for communicating.

-Christian Robinson

When we see someone who looks like us in a book, we're being sent a message that our story matters.

When we see someone that looks different from us, we're being sent a message that other people's stories matter too.

We are Dedicated to Diversity, Inclusion & Social Justice

Welcome to The Conscious Kid Library! We are a custom library subscription service for diverse children’s books featuring characters from oppressed groups. Parents, educators, librarians & youth-serving organizations can subscribe to the library & the books will be shipped directly to their doorstep at the beginning of each month. At the end of each month, subscribers mail the books back & a new shipment of diverse books will arrive. The library serves ages 0-18 & book selections are customized based on age, reading level, identities and interests.

Our Mission is to Reduce Bias & Empower Youth

The images and messages from children’s books have lifelong impacts on the way kids view themselves, their homes, communities & the world. Repeatedly exposing children to stereotypical or problematic representations of characters from oppressed groups, or books featuring primarily characters from dominant groups, can reinforce bias, stereotypes & discrimination. All of our books are curated to reduce bias & promote positive identity development.