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Words and pictures are tools for communicating.

-Christian Robinson

When we see someone who looks like us in a book, we're being sent a message that our story matters.

When we see someone that looks different from us, we're being sent a message that other people's stories matter too.

Social Justice, Equity, Empowerment & Representation

We are an education, research, policy and social justice organization dedicated to reducing bias and promoting positive identity development in youth. We do this through promoting access to children’s books that center empowering images and narratives of underrepresented and oppressed groups.  One of the ways we promote diverse children’s book access is through our custom book delivery service. Parents, educators, librarians & youth-serving organizations can subscribe to the library & we ship books directly to their doorstep at the beginning of each month. At the end of each month, our readers mail the books back & a new shipment of diverse books arrives.

Reducing Bias & Promoting Positive Identity Development

The images and messages from children’s books have lifelong impacts on the way kids view themselves, their homes, communities & the world. Repeatedly exposing children to stereotypical or problematic representations of characters from oppressed groups, or books featuring primarily characters from dominant groups, can reinforce bias, stereotypes & discrimination. All of our books are curated to reduce bias & promote positive identity development.