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Benefits of Subscribing to The Conscious Kid Library:

Build multicultural literacy while celebrating diverse people, experiences and lifestyles: Children who read books concerning intercultural topics show a reduction in stereotyping, more positive feelings about students representing identities other than their own and an increase desire to engage with those students (Vezalli, 2012). Reading and talking about diverse characters and authors has also been proven to dispel or prevent prejudice, build self-esteem and promote empathy.
Promote a love of reading and it’s lifelong benefits: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents read to their children everyday from birth. A book subscription is an effective way to develop a reading routine and incorporate new books. A 20 year study of 70,000 people across 70 countries found that children raised with books in the home achieved lifelong academic advantages and attained higher levels of education. Regardless of how many books the family already had in the home, each new addition helped the children get a little further in school (Evans, et al., 2010). Enthusiastic and habitual reading is the single most predictive personal habit leading to desirable life outcomes (Bayless, 2010).
Convenience: Books are delivered right to your doorstep! Life as a parent or educator is busy. We don’t always have the time, energy or resources to get to the library or bookstore, let alone research and screen books that don’t reinforce bias. Sit back, relax and get custom library service at your doorstep.
Affordability: Books are expensive. The cost of the subscription is the cost of shipping the books, each way, each month. Access up to $60 worth of books each month at a price you can live with.